Canisteo Reunion !!

Added 1/30/00

I am, more or less, the coordinator for the AO-99 and would like to hear from you. Let me know the years you were aboard the ship, your current mailing address and phone number. We have a great group of people and we really enjoy getting together once each year. This years meeting will be held in Montana. Let me hear from you, Mel Strawbridge

Added 11/5/99

Hello Shipmates, Just a note to let you know that our seventh reunion in Baltimore was a huge success. Had 71 people in attendance. That includes shipmates, wives and significant others. Checked in on Wednesday followed by bus tours to Washington on Thursday, Annapolis on Friday and Baltimore on Saturday. Friday night we had a good old Baltimore crab feast at the widow Walter's home. Saturday was a bus tour of Baltimore with time spent at the inner harbor. Saturday night was the formal banquet. Our regular annual meeting was held Friday evening and the vote went in favor of next year's get-together in Bozeman, Montana. This affair will be in the hands of Gene Quenemoen, a resident of Bozeman. If you care to participate, and we would be pleased to have you join us, he can be reached at

Hello David, I was scrolling the Navy Bluejacket Log at the Navy Memorial this morning and ran across your short message. By way of introduction I was a second class yeoman with the precommissioning detail at Sparrows Point near Dundalk, MD and rode Canisteo for two years after her commissioning. So far as I know there are only two of us plankowners left. The other is John "Bill" Odgers, BM1.

We are currently putting together our seventh reunion, this time in Baltimore, MD to be held from 29 September to 3 October. This reunion will join, for the first time, the group of Canisteo members who participated in Operation Highjump, a scientific expedition to the Antarctic from December 1946 to March 1947, and those crew members who came aboard after that assignment.

I have taken the liberty to info Mel Strawbridge who was the driving force in getting our reunions going some seven years ago. We have much memorabilia to share should you decide to come to Baltimore, and I would be pleased to send you the details if you are interested.

Info Mel: This shipmate is David Merrill who resides in Batavia, NY.

David, please contact us so that we might be able to contact other shipmates should you know of any for future reunions.l Looking forward, anxiously to hear from you.

As a matter of info the following shipmates, some of whom you might recognize, will be in attendance: Clyde Bess, Sam Blaga, Jim Cassidy, Joe Cupka, Henry Fary, Andy Gambos, Rallph Harding, Geddis Kerr, Henry Krone, Ray Lemanski, Charlie Martin, Doug McLaud, Leonard Norheim, Bill Odgers, Gene Quenemoen, Mel Strawbridge, Art Toothman, Gordon Vink, Harvey Warren, Stan Young, all from Operation Highjump.

The following are crew members that will be in attendance from the "latter day" crew. Dan Rizzo, Dempsey Jackson, Dan Grant, Don Brown, Larry Langenhorst, Downey Ware, Art Gliner, Carlton Bowker, Marvin Holler, Vito Montone, Leo Haley and Dick Culhane.

I mention all this to jog your memory in the event you can make the Baltimore reunion or wish to send them an e-mail via me.

E-mail address:

I received this message today (Sept 9, 1999) and thought some of you might be interested. Unfortunately, the reunion is being held to soon for me to make the necessary arrangements.

However, I would be extremely interested in attending next year !